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Streaming Multimedia Content to KiSS Network DivX Players

What is this project all about?

FreeKiSS is an alternative easy-to-use server application designed for streaming multimedia content to KiSS Networked DVD/DivX Players such as the KiSS DP-50x, DP-150x and DP-558 models. Please note that FreeKiSS is an open-source project and if you feel like contributing some stuff or ideas, don't hesitate to contact one of the project developers. For more information about these players, visit KiSS Technologies' website.

These are the main advantages of FreeKiSS:

Where do I get the source or executable?

Current Version: 0.6

What does FreeKiSS look like?

FreeKiSS Screenshot

What do I need to compile it myself?

Who wrote this application?

This project is maintained by Michaël Arnauts aka Mayco and Léonard Wagner aka IllusioN.
Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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